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There is much talk about climate change,
I feel it in the temperature's range,
No need for science to tell me this,
My animal instinct feels amiss.

When one has lived as long as I,
We think "good old days", with a sigh.
As we lose the things we have known,
We are reaping what has been sown.

Action is needed, most understand,
Efforts are made, some things get banned.
What will we leave for those yet to come?
If we don't act now, will they succumb?

-Janet Hopkins
Posted with permission.

The Littleton Garden Gang, as distinct from the older and revered Littleton Garden Club, started when Betty HARRIS began teaching classes on how to grow more food in Colorado with less water. Focus is also on soil, composting, native plants, and pollinators.

These classes came about because Betty received a grant from the City of Littleton, a part of Arapahoe County, for part of the tuition for a nine-day class at the Woodbine Ecology Center. As a condition of this grant, Betty was requested to disseminate what information she had learned at the Woodbine facility.

Betty includes in her classes such things as how to make soil (which is biology) out of our Colorado clay and dirt (which is chemistry).

Garden Planting Guide
This is not an advert for Urban Farmer, just some good information.

When to plant vegetables by Paula Szilard

Plants Japanese Beetles do NOT like by Donna Berti

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